This place is just like Disney World, except I am learning at the same time....that is so cool!
— overheard from a Micronaut student
Fantastic day! I am very excited to see where this crew of teachers take this! The sky is the limit!
— Mr. Ed, Principal, Genesee Valley Central School, Belmont, NY
My daughter has talked non-stop about her experience at the Challenger Learning Center. She wants to come back very soon. What a great experience for these children.
— Monica Harkenrider Dean, Andover, NY
This whole experience was fantastic for the students. They were engaged and learning all afternoon. Time flew. I couldn’t believe our time was up at the end of the day!
— Lisa Morrow, 3rd grade teacher, Hiinsdale Central School, Hinsdale, NY
Overall great experience for the kids. They learned while having the ability to communicate and have some fun.
— Patrick Swanson, 4th grade teacher, School Street Elementary, Bradford, PA
It is very hard to teach to this grade level at times, and I felt all three presenters did a wonderful job!! The kids enjoyed it very much!
— Julie Hirlman, Kindergarten teacher, Washington West School, Olean, NY

So much of our daily lives has been made better as the result of NASA research. I’m hoping to help inspire the next generation to be excited about science and to continue to do that work. The Challenger Learning Center certainly provides that excitement.
— Regina Tkacik, 5th grade teacher, Oswayo Valley School, Singlehouse, PA

My job at the Challenger Learning Center was navigation. I calculated angles until I found just the right path in order for the probe to intercept the comet. I enjoyed the Challenger Learning Center because it made me feel like I was actually working on a real mission in space.
— Aaron, 9th grade, New Life Christian School, Olean, NY

I never experienced anything like this before. It was a blast!
— Taylor, 5th grade, Andover Central School, Andover, NY

Students and adults alike agree the adventure to the CLC is ‘out of this world.’ Every student has a job to do and they are totally engaged the entire trip. It’s amazing watching our students work together to complete the mission. They loved getting a behind the scenes tour and want to know when we are going again. We try to schedule a field trip every year and this is the only one that students are STILL talking about a month later.
— Donna Giannattasio, Network Systems Technology Instructor, Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center, Bradford, PA

Our team building event was a big success with the help of the staff and the accommodations provided by the Challenger Learning Center.
— Derrick Accipiter, Dresser-Rand Development Engineer, Olean, NY

Hands-on experience and team work is the big thing. They’re communicating with each other and they’re working together to overcome problems.
— Jim Johnson, teacher, Children's Center for Treatment & Education, Bradford, PA

It was great to be able to recreate a space mission. I operated the robotic arm and found it to be very difficult, but fun, once I figured it out.
— Mary, New Life Christian School, Olean, NY

I had so much fun because it actually felt like we were in outer space!
— Nicholas, 6th grade, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, Depew, NY